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Systematic Name TEL12R
Feature Type telomere
Description Telomeric region on the right arm of Chromosome XII; composed of an X element core sequence, X element combinatorial repeats, two distinct regions of telomeric repeats, and two long Y' elements (1, 2 and see Summary Paragraph)
Chromosomal Location
ChrXII:1064281 to 1078177 | ORF Map | GBrowse
Genetic position: 350 cM
sequence information
ChrXII:1064281 to 1078177 | ORF Map | GBrowse
This feature contains embedded feature(s): YLR462W | YLR463C | YLR464W | BSC3 | YRF1-4 | YRF1-5 | YLR466C-A | YLR466C-B | YLR467C-A | TEL12R-TR1 | TEL12R-TR2 | TEL12R-XC | TEL12R-XR | TEL12R-YP1 | TEL12R-YP2
Genetic position: 350 cM
Last Update Coordinates: 2011-02-03 | Sequence: 2003-09-09
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Primary SGDIDS000028982

The chromosome ends of Saccharomyces cerevisiae are complex mosaics of several different types of telomeric and subtelomeric elements known as X element core sequences, X element combinatorial repeats, telomeric repeats, and Y' elements (2). The X element core sequence, a small conserved element of ~475 bp containing an ARS sequence and in most cases an Abf1p binding site, is the only region shared by all chromosome ends (2, 1). The X element combinatorial repeats, formerly known as subtelomeric repeats or STRs, are located between the X element core sequence and the telomeric end and are usually present as a combination of one or more of several types of smaller elements designated D, C, B, or A (2, 1). The telomeric repeat is a G-rich terminal sequence of the form (TG1-3)n that is maintained by telomerase (1). The Y' element is a helicase-encoding repetitive sequence found in many but not all subtelomeric regions next to the telomeric repeats, or adjacent X element combinatorial repeats, either as a single copy or tandem repeat of two to four copies (3, 1, 4). Possible functions of telomeric regions include roles in chromosomal segregation, maintenance of chromosome stability, recombinational sequestering, or as a barrier to transcriptional silencing (2, 1).

One of the most complex of all telomeres, TEL12R, the right telomeric region of chromosome XII, is composed of an X element core sequence TEL12R-XC containing an ARS consensus sequence and an Abf1p binding site, X element combinatorial repeats TEL12R-XR of the D, C, B and A types containing Tbf1p binding sites, an internal region of telomeric repeats TEL12R-TR2, the first of two long Y' (Y'-L) elements TEL12R-YP2 containing an ARS consensus sequence, a region of 36-bp repeats, one verified ORF YRF1-4/YLR466W, two dubious ORFs (YLR463C and BSC3/YLR465C), two uncharacterized ORFs (YLR462W and YLR464W) and part of a third uncharacterized ORF YLR466C-B, a second extremely short region of telomeric repeats TEL12R-TR1 spanning the uncharacterized ORF YLR466C-B, and finally the second long Y' element TEL12R-YP1 containing an ARS consensus sequence, a region of 36-bp repeats, one verified ORF YRF1-5/YLR467W, one dubious ORF YLR467C-A, and part of the uncharacterized ORF YLR466C-B.

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Further information can be found at the website of Dr. Ed Louis, Institute of Genetics, The University of Nottingham.

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