All Associated sequences for PEP4 Help

This page lists all entries associated with PEP4/YPL154C from sequence databases. For information about how these sequences were associated to this locus, see the HELP document for this page.

Sequence IDSource
M13358DNA accession ID
NM_001183968.1RefSeq nucleotide version ID
X96770DNA accession ID
Z11963DNA accession ID
Z73510DNA accession ID
10835733NCBI protein GI
10835734NCBI protein GI
10835735NCBI protein GI
10835736NCBI protein GI
10835737NCBI protein GI
115643NCBI protein GI
1370328NCBI protein GI
1403555NCBI protein GI
14278413NCBI protein GI
172122NCBI protein GI
22218637NCBI protein GI
22218638NCBI protein GI
22218639NCBI protein GI
2624629NCBI protein GI
3853NCBI protein GI
6325103NCBI protein GI
7766834NCBI protein GI
7766836NCBI protein GI
AAB63975.1Protein version ID
CAA65567.1Protein version ID
CAA78020.1Protein version ID
CAA97859.1Protein version ID
DAA11280.1TPA protein version ID
NP_015171.1RefSeq protein version ID
UPI00000532A5UniParc ID
P07267UniProt/Swiss-Prot ID