All Associated sequences for TAL1 Help

This page lists all entries associated with TAL1/YLR354C from sequence databases. For information about how these sequences were associated to this locus, see the HELP document for this page.

Sequence IDSource
L37016DNA accession ID
NM_001182243.1RefSeq nucleotide version ID
U19102DNA accession ID
X04969DNA accession ID
X15953DNA accession ID
1729825NCBI protein GI
3828NCBI protein GI
4602NCBI protein GI
609402NCBI protein GI
6323386NCBI protein GI
736725NCBI protein GI
AAA64519.1Protein version ID
AAB67752.1Protein version ID
CAA28644.1Protein version ID
CAA34078.1Protein version ID
DAA09658.1TPA protein version ID
NP_013458.1RefSeq protein version ID
UPI00001683ABUniParc ID
P15019UniProt/Swiss-Prot ID