All Associated sequences for ERV1 Help

This page lists all entries associated with ERV1/YGR029W from sequence databases. For information about how these sequences were associated to this locus, see the HELP document for this page.

Sequence IDSource
M74772DNA accession ID
NM_001181158.3RefSeq nucleotide version ID
X60722DNA accession ID
X68055DNA accession ID
Z72813DNA accession ID
Z72814DNA accession ID
172378NCBI protein GI
1945313NCBI protein GI
1945314NCBI protein GI
2506175NCBI protein GI
398365231NCBI protein GI
402550361NCBI protein GI
402550362NCBI protein GI
402550363NCBI protein GI
402550364NCBI protein GI
404218NCBI protein GI
4305NCBI protein GI
469474229NCBI protein GI
469474230NCBI protein GI
469474231NCBI protein GI
AAB48659.1Protein version ID
CAA43129.1Protein version ID
CAA48192.1Protein version ID
CAA97016.1Protein version ID
CAA97017.1Protein version ID
DAA08125.1TPA protein version ID
NP_011543.4RefSeq protein version ID
UPI000012A183UniParc ID
P27882UniProt/Swiss-Prot ID