All Associated sequences for MIG1 Help

This page lists all entries associated with MIG1/YGL035C from sequence databases. For information about how these sequences were associated to this locus, see the HELP document for this page.

Sequence IDSource
AY693159DNA accession ID
NM_001180900.1RefSeq nucleotide version ID
X55442DNA accession ID
X55734DNA accession ID
Z72557DNA accession ID
127091NCBI protein GI
1322514NCBI protein GI
3437NCBI protein GI
3963NCBI protein GI
51013769NCBI protein GI
52695636NCBI protein GI
52695639NCBI protein GI
52695642NCBI protein GI
6321403NCBI protein GI
AAT93178.1Protein version ID
CAA39084.1Protein version ID
CAA39266.1Protein version ID
CAA96736.1Protein version ID
DAA08065.1TPA protein version ID
NP_011480.1RefSeq protein version ID
UPI000012F0FAUniParc ID
P27705UniProt/Swiss-Prot ID