All Associated sequences for LCB2 Help

This page lists all entries associated with LCB2/YDR062W from sequence databases. For information about how these sequences were associated to this locus, see the HELP document for this page.

Sequence IDSource
AY723771DNA accession ID
L33931DNA accession ID
M95669DNA accession ID
NM_001180370.1RefSeq nucleotide version ID
X84162DNA accession ID
Z49209DNA accession ID
Z74358DNA accession ID
1431513NCBI protein GI
505313NCBI protein GI
51830228NCBI protein GI
536871NCBI protein GI
6320267NCBI protein GI
706828NCBI protein GI
729923NCBI protein GI
798913NCBI protein GI
AAA34740.1Protein version ID
AAA53669.1Protein version ID
AAU09688.1Protein version ID
CAA58978.1Protein version ID
CAA89091.1Protein version ID
CAA98880.1Protein version ID
DAA11908.1TPA protein version ID
NP_010347.1RefSeq protein version ID
UPI0000052F80UniParc ID
P40970UniProt/Swiss-Prot ID