All Associated sequences for URA1 Help

This page lists all entries associated with URA1/YKL216W from sequence databases. For information about how these sequences were associated to this locus, see the HELP document for this page.

Sequence IDSource
AJ585637DNA accession ID
AJ585638DNA accession ID
AJ585639DNA accession ID
AJ585640DNA accession ID
AJ585641DNA accession ID
AJ585642DNA accession ID
AJ585643DNA accession ID
AJ585644DNA accession ID
AJ585645DNA accession ID
AJ585646DNA accession ID
AJ585647DNA accession ID
AJ585648DNA accession ID
AJ585649DNA accession ID
AJ585650DNA accession ID
AJ585651DNA accession ID
M83295DNA accession ID
NM_001179781.1RefSeq nucleotide version ID
X59371DNA accession ID
X75951DNA accession ID
Z28216DNA accession ID
131723NCBI protein GI
171394NCBI protein GI
45719878NCBI protein GI
45719880NCBI protein GI
45719882NCBI protein GI
45719884NCBI protein GI
45719886NCBI protein GI
45719888NCBI protein GI
45719890NCBI protein GI
45719892NCBI protein GI
45719894NCBI protein GI
45719896NCBI protein GI
45719898NCBI protein GI
45719900NCBI protein GI
45719902NCBI protein GI
45719904NCBI protein GI
45719906NCBI protein GI
473134NCBI protein GI
4754NCBI protein GI
486387NCBI protein GI
6322633NCBI protein GI
AAA34566.1Protein version ID
CAA42014.1Protein version ID
CAA53557.1Protein version ID
CAA82061.1Protein version ID
CAE52157.1Protein version ID
CAE52158.1Protein version ID
CAE52159.1Protein version ID
CAE52160.1Protein version ID
CAE52161.1Protein version ID
CAE52162.1Protein version ID
CAE52163.1Protein version ID
CAE52164.1Protein version ID
CAE52165.1Protein version ID
CAE52166.1Protein version ID
CAE52167.1Protein version ID
CAE52168.1Protein version ID
CAE52169.1Protein version ID
CAE52170.1Protein version ID
CAE52171.1Protein version ID
DAA08953.1TPA protein version ID
NP_012706.1RefSeq protein version ID
UPI0000132CA6UniParc ID
P28272UniProt/Swiss-Prot ID