All Associated sequences for CDC19 Help

This page lists all entries associated with CDC19/YAL038W from sequence databases. For information about how these sequences were associated to this locus, see the HELP document for this page.

Sequence IDSource
AY693107DNA accession ID
AY949862DNA accession ID
AY949863DNA accession ID
AY949864DNA accession ID
AY949865DNA accession ID
AY949866DNA accession ID
AY949867DNA accession ID
AY949868DNA accession ID
AY949869DNA accession ID
AY949870DNA accession ID
AY949871DNA accession ID
AY949872DNA accession ID
AY949873DNA accession ID
AY949874DNA accession ID
AY949875DNA accession ID
AY949876DNA accession ID
AY949877DNA accession ID
AY949878DNA accession ID
AY949879DNA accession ID
AY949880DNA accession ID
AY949881DNA accession ID
AY949882DNA accession ID
AY949883DNA accession ID
AY949884DNA accession ID
AY949885DNA accession ID
AY949886DNA accession ID
AY949887DNA accession ID
AY949888DNA accession ID
AY949889DNA accession ID
AY949890DNA accession ID
NM_001178183.1RefSeq nucleotide version ID
U12980DNA accession ID
V01321DNA accession ID
X14400DNA accession ID
125609NCBI protein GI
3212328NCBI protein GI
3212329NCBI protein GI
3212330NCBI protein GI
3212331NCBI protein GI
4180NCBI protein GI
51013665NCBI protein GI
5265NCBI protein GI
595546NCBI protein GI
63028795NCBI protein GI
63028797NCBI protein GI
63028799NCBI protein GI
63028801NCBI protein GI
63028803NCBI protein GI
63028805NCBI protein GI
63028807NCBI protein GI
63028809NCBI protein GI
63028811NCBI protein GI
63028813NCBI protein GI
63028815NCBI protein GI
63028817NCBI protein GI
63028819NCBI protein GI
63028821NCBI protein GI
63028823NCBI protein GI
63028825NCBI protein GI
63028827NCBI protein GI
63028829NCBI protein GI
63028831NCBI protein GI
63028833NCBI protein GI
63028835NCBI protein GI
63028837NCBI protein GI
63028839NCBI protein GI
63028841NCBI protein GI
63028843NCBI protein GI
63028845NCBI protein GI
63028847NCBI protein GI
63028849NCBI protein GI
63028851NCBI protein GI
6319279NCBI protein GI
AAC04993.1Protein version ID
AAT93126.1Protein version ID
AAY27264.1Protein version ID
AAY27265.1Protein version ID
AAY27266.1Protein version ID
AAY27267.1Protein version ID
AAY27268.1Protein version ID
AAY27269.1Protein version ID
AAY27270.1Protein version ID
AAY27271.1Protein version ID
AAY27272.1Protein version ID
AAY27273.1Protein version ID
AAY27274.1Protein version ID
AAY27275.1Protein version ID
AAY27276.1Protein version ID
AAY27277.1Protein version ID
AAY27278.1Protein version ID
AAY27279.1Protein version ID
AAY27280.1Protein version ID
AAY27281.1Protein version ID
AAY27282.1Protein version ID
AAY27283.1Protein version ID
AAY27284.1Protein version ID
AAY27285.1Protein version ID
AAY27286.1Protein version ID
AAY27287.1Protein version ID
AAY27288.1Protein version ID
AAY27289.1Protein version ID
AAY27290.1Protein version ID
AAY27291.1Protein version ID
AAY27292.1Protein version ID
CAA24631.1Protein version ID
CAA32573.1Protein version ID
DAA06948.1TPA protein version ID
NP_009362.1RefSeq protein version ID
UPI000011038EUniParc ID
P00549UniProt/Swiss-Prot ID