Fungal Genomes Search
using WU-BLAST2 Help

This form allows BLAST searches of multiple fungal sequence datasets. To restrict your search to S. cerevisiae with additional BLAST search options, go to the S. cerevisiae BLAST search form.

Query Comment (optional, will be added to output for your use):

NOTE: If the input sequence is less than 30 letters you should change the default Cutoff Score value to something less than 100 or you can miss matches.


Upload Local TEXT File: FASTA, GCG, and RAW sequence formats are okay
WORD Documents do not work unless saved as TEXT.

Type or Paste a Query Sequence : (FASTA or RAW format, or No Comments, Numbers are okay)

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Choose one or more Sequence Datasets:
Both DNA and protein datasets are available, except when noted. With a protein sequence query, use the TBLASTN program in addition to the BLASTP program for comprehensive results, since some protein datasets are incomplete (see Help documentation).
Select or unselect multiple datasets by pressing the Control (PC) or Command (Mac) key while clicking. Selecting a category label selects all datasets in that category.


Options: For descriptions of BLAST options and parameters, refer to the BLAST documentation at NCBI.

Output format :
Comparison Matrix :
Cutoff Score (S value) :
Word Length (W value) :Default = 11 for BLASTN, 3 for all others
Expect threshold (E threshold) :
Number of best alignments to show :
Filter options : DUST file for BLASTN, SEG filter for all others