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Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genome Snapshot/Overview Help

This page provides information on the status of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome. The Genome Inventory table is updated in real time. The bar graphs for GO data are updated once a day. All the data displayed on this page are available in one or more files (SGD_features.tab, gene_associations.sgd, go_slim_mapping.tab) at SGD's FTP site. The YeastMine tool can also be used to retrieve chromosomal features that match specific criteria.


    1. Graphical View of Protein Coding Genes
    2. Genome Inventory
    3. Summary of GO annotations
    4. Distribution of Gene Products by Process, Function, and Component

Graphical View of Protein Coding Genes (as of Nov 26, 2014)

5108 ORFs, 77.34% 785 ORFs, 11.88% 712 ORFs, 10.78%

Genome Inventory (as of Nov 26, 2014)

This table reports the number and types of features annotated in the SGD, per chromosome. To get a list of all features of a certain type (e.g. Verified ORF, tRNA, etc.), select that feature type. To access more information on the individual chromosome (e.g. sequence, a listing of all features on that chromosome, etc.), select the Roman numeral for that chromosome.

Feature TypeTotalChromosome number
IIIIIIIVVVIVIIVIIIIXXXIXIIXIIIXIVXVXVINuclear genomeMitochondrial genome(Q)2-micron plasmid (R)
Total ORFs66051174561848363231405833212413983485785054355975116573284
Verified ORFs5108763571336712391004562371763082864323973434744025087174
Uncharacterized ORFs7121645276736246441344527695651545471020
Dubious ORFs7852554249848166343314535775241695577690
Chromosome length (bp)12,157,105230,218813,184316,6201,531,933576,874270,1611,090,940562,643439,888745,751666,8161,078,177924,431784,3331,091,291948,06612,071,32685,7790

Summary of Gene Ontology (GO) annotations (as of Nov 26, 2014)

This table displays the current total number of S. cerevisiae gene products that have been annotated to one or more terms in each GO aspect (Process, Function, Component). These counts include GO annotations made for ORFs classified as either "Verified" or "Uncharacterized", transposable element genes, and all RNA gene products. Note that these counts do not include GO annotations made for ORFs classified as "Dubious", or for features of type "Pseudogene", "Not in S288C" or "Not physically mapped". Also note that the number of annotations displayed in the "Total Number of Annotations" column does not include annotations to the three "root" terms representing lack of knowledge at this time, i.e. "molecular function", "biological process", or "cellular component".

OntologyDetails of Annotations
Total Number of AnnotationsNumber of Gene Products Annotated to root termsGraphical View
Molecular Function44311889Go to Molecular Function Graph
Biological Process52191102Go to Biological Process Graph
Cellular Component5620701Go to Cellular Component Graph
All Ontologies152703692 

Distribution of Gene Products by Process, Function, and Component (as of Nov 26, 2014)

These graphical views representing the GO annotation state of the entire genome are provided using a GO Slim (a high-level subset of Gene Ontology terms that allows grouping of genes into broad categories such as "DNA replication", "protein kinase activity", or "nucleus") tailored to yeast biology. GO Slim terms representing broad categories from a single aspect are listed for each graph, along with the percentage of S. cerevisiae gene products annotated to a specific term that maps up the ontology to the GO Slim term. Note that some gene products may be represented more than once, if they are annotated to one or more GO terms that map to more than one GO Slim term. Only the distribution of "known" Molecular Functions, Biological Processes, and Cellular Components are included in these graphs; annotations to the "root" terms "molecular function," "biological process," or "cellular component," which represent lack of knowledge at this time, are excluded from these graphs.

More information on GO and GO Slim can be found in SGD's GO help page. To obtain the GO data summarized in these graphs, please use the GO Slim Mapper or the go_slim_mapping.tab file from SGD's FTP site.

Distribution of Gene Products among Molecular Function Categories

Distribution of Gene Products among Biological Process Categories

Distribution of Gene Products among Cellular Component Categories