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Follow the CSHL Yeast Cell Biology Meeting on Twitter!

August 9, 2011

Wish you were in Cold Spring Harbor for the Yeast Cell Biology meeting, Aug 16-20? SGD will be live tweeting from CSHL, highlighting topics from talks and posters. Keep up with events at the meeting by following @yeastgenome on Twitter or searching #YCB2011 for all tweets!

New Histone Modification and Variant Data Tracks Added to GBrowse

August 5, 2011

We have added new data tracks to our GBrowse genome viewer from six publications covering various histone acetylation and methlyation modifications (Guillemette et al. 2011; Kirmizis et al. 2007; Liu et al. 2005 and Pokholok et al. 2005) and the mapping of histone variant H2A.Z (Albert et al. 2007 and Guillemette et al. 2005). We welcome new data submissions pre- or post-publication and invite authors to work with us to integrate their data into our GBrowse and PBrowse viewers. Please contact us if you are interested in participating or have questions and comments.

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