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Retiring Advanced Search and Batch Download

August 22, 2011

SGD’s “Advanced Search” and “Batch Download” tools will be retired on August 31st. All of the functions of these tools, plus many more, can be accomplished by YeastMine, which offers flexible queries and fast retrieval of multiple datatypes from SGD for a custom list of genes or proteins.

Short video tutorials that walk you through some of the basic actions in YeastMine are also available.

Message from the organizers of the 25th ICYGMB in Olstyn, Poland

August 17, 2011

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The 25th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular biology, has ended. It was a great success and an opportunity to attend very interesting and inspiring lectures given by distinguished speakers as well as to listen to exciting workshop and poster presentations. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Olsztyn despite the unsteady weather and mosquito bites. We hope you met your friends and made new friendships, as we did. We hope to see you again in Frankfurt.

Until then, to keep the memories alive, please visit the Conference on-line photo album holding over 700 photos you can view on-line and also download freely.

Sincerely, Joanna Rytka and the Organizing Team

GO Slims Updated

August 12, 2011

SGD has updated its Yeast Molecular Function and Biological Process GO Slims to include additional terms. The Yeast GO Slims are a set of GO terms that best represent the major biological processes, molecular functions, and cellular components that are found in S. cerevisiae. GO Slim terms are useful in mapping precise, “granular” gene annotations to more general “high-level” terms. These terms have been selected by SGD curators based on annotation statistics and biological significance. To complement the expanded Yeast GO Slims, we have also added “generic GO-Slim” options to our GO Slim Mapper tool. The generic GO-Slim is developed and maintained by the Gene Ontology Consortium and includes fewer and higher-level terms than those provided by the Yeast GO-Slim.

The Yeast GO Slims are available for analysis via the GO Slim Mapper tool and YeastMine. Mapping of all the yeast gene products to the Yeast GO Slims is also available as a graphical view on the Genome Snapshot page and via the file on the downloads site.

SGD Summer 2011 Newsletter

August 11, 2011

SGD sends out its quarterly newsletter to colleagues designated as contacts in SGD. This Summer 2011 newsletter is also available online. If you would like to receive this letter in the future please use the Colleague Submission/Update form to let us know.

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